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Macau Casinos

Macau Casinos – Enjoy The Best Casinos In Macau!

There are plenty of casinos in Macau offering the widest range of games in the world, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, boule, “big and small”, fan-tan and of course, hundreds of the most glittering array of slot machines anywhere.

Visitors to Macau casinos should read the sign at each entrance, urging players to chance only what they can afford. The casinos in Macau operate 24 hours a day.

Macau casinos have the tightest and most modern security of all the world’s gaming venues,
says the chief of the Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ).
The DICJ is responsible for ensuring casinos in Macau
have adequate surveillance measures and comply with the SAR’s financial regulations.

It is the level of technology that gives the confidence that Macau operators
have the most advanced surveillance equipment in the world.
Once a casino is built, the DICJ inspects the surveillance equipment before the venue opens.

Macau Casinos List

Macau Casino

Macau Address &
Macau Casino phone number

Babylon Macau CasinoMacau Fisherman’s Wharf, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Macau
Tel: (853) 2823 2233
Casa Real Macau CasinoAvenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, No. 1118, Macau
Tel: (853) 2872 7791
Club VIP Legend Macau Casino3-5/FL., Macau Landmark, Avenida da Amizade, ZAPE, Macau
Tel: (853) 2878 6233
Crown Macau CasinoAvenida do Kwong Tung, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2886 8888
Diamond Macau CasinoHotel Holiday Inn, Rua de Pequim, No. 82-86, , Macau
Tel: (853) 2878 5645
Emperor Palace Macau CasinoNo.288 Avenida Comercial de Macau, Macau
Tel: (853) 8981 6803
Fortuna Macau CasinoNo. 63, Rua de Cantão, Macau
Tel: (853) 8982 1301
Golden Dragon Macau CasinoQuarteirão 3, Lotes C e F, ZAPE, Macau
Tel: (853) 8982 6201
Grand Lisboa Macau CasinoAv. de Lisboa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2828 3838
Grand Waldo Macau CasinoAvenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2888 6886
Jai Alai Macau CasinoTravessa do Reservatorio, Porto Exterior, Macau
Tel: (853) 2872 6086
Kam Pek Macau Casino1-2/FL, Rua de Foshan, No.51, A-andar, Edf. Centro Comercial San Kin Yip, Macau
Tel: (853) 2878 6945
Kingsway Macau Casino1/F, Kingsway Hotel, Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau
Tel: (853) 2870 1111
Lisboa Macau CasinoAvenida de Lisboa, Macau
Tel: (853) 8297 7111
Macau Jockey Club142 Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2883 2265
Macau Palace Macau CasinoAvenida da Amizade, Macau
Tel: (853) 2872 7988
Marina Macau CasinoAvenida Olimpica, Pousada Marina Infante, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2883 3623
MGM Grand MacauLote A do Quarteirão B2 da Zona B, Nape, Macau
Tel: (853) 8802 8888
New Century Macau CasinoAvenida Padre Tomas Pereira, No. 889, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2883 6011
Oriental Macau Casino956-1110, Avenida da Amizade, Mandarin Oriental, Macau
Tel: (853) 2870 5681
Ponte 16 Macau CasinoRua do Visconde Paço de Arcos, Macau SAR
Tel: (853) 8861 8888
President Macau Casino355 Avenida da Amizade, Macau
Tel: (853) 2878 8198
Rio Macau Casino33 Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau
Tel: (853) 2833 3183
Sands Macau CasinoLargo de Monte Carlo, No.203, Macau
Tel: (853) 2888 3388
StarWorld Macau CasinoAvenida da Amizade, Macau
Tel: (853) 2838 3838
Taipa Macau CasinoRegency Hotel, 2 Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 2883 1537
Venetian Macao CasinoCOTAI, Macau
Tel: (853) 2882 8888
Waldo Macau CasinoJ-Quarteirão 6 da Zona, de Aterros do Porto Exterior, Macau
Tel: (853) 2888 6615
Wynn Macau CasinoRua Cidade de Sintra NAPE, Macau
Tel: (853) 8986 9966